What Do We Do


Many people believe the achievement gap happens in the classroom, and it is solved in the classroom.  The fact is the achievement gap really stems from what is happening or not hap-pening for student when they are not in school.

The Foundation will support academic achievement and student’s potential to be successful in multiple vocations.  Through mentoring, internships, scholarships and experiences on and off campus, students will engage in opportunities to broaden their world experience.

The most effective teachers are not only experts in their field, but also have experience relat-ing their subject to others in and outside the classroom. 

Through grants for educational opportunities to improve effectiveness in the classroom and to develop unique programs specific to Topeka West, the Foundation will support continued excellence in learning. The best and brightest teachers will be recruited and retained by cre-ating an environment in which they are rewarded and recognized for excellence. Faculty will be provided the tools necessary to continue their dedication to the advancement of Topeka West students and programs


It is said there are born leaders and born followers.  However, we know that none of us is one or the other. Depending upon the time and the situation, throughout our life, we act as both.  Great leaders are developed.

We will support the school’s efforts to ensure each student has a vision for themselves past high school and becomes an active participant in their community. We will encourage the de-velopment of great leaders through Topeka West’s Leadership Studies Program, partnering with community leaders and alumni to enhance the vision of leadership in our community.


There are a great number of factors in a student’s education. Families, communities, school boards, state and federal government – society in general – we all bear responsibility for student achievement.

Because family matters at Topeka West, we will shape and promote a welcoming and invit-ing campus where students, families, staff and community partners know they belong and want to return.  We will connect, cultivate and channel the power of alumni to preserve the past and enhance the future of Topeka West High School. The impressive legacy of Topeka West will be showcased through a Graduate Hall of Fame, alumni events, facility im-provements, and preservation of Topeka West history.